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Virus Threats to Nokia 6600


nokia 6600 virus issues

The Nokia 6600 are unfourunately effected by over 18 different mobile viruses and spyware threats at this time. Below is a list of some of these and there manual fixes. There is also a link below this to umu scan who at present offer the best mobile antivirus package on the market, which fix and protected against all of the listed threats.

Flexispy | Hobbes | Sendtool | Cadmesk | Doomed | Fontal | Bootton | Skulls | Disable | Dampig | CardTrap | Drever | CommWarrior | Blanfon | Cabir | PBSteal | CardBlock |Locknut |

Check out Mobile Viruses 101 for general tips of staying safe from mobile threats.

You can avoid infecting your cell phone using the same preventative methods you use to avoid infecting your computer:

  1. Do not download or accept free media or files unless they are from a trusted source.
  2. Do not open or download attachments from unknown sources.
  3. Turn off Bluetooth or set it to non-discoverable mode when it's not in use.
  4. Only allow phones equipped with Beam (or Infrared) to receive incoming beams from a trusted source.
  5. If your cell phone is capable of running antivirus software, install it and keep it updated.
If your cell phone becomes infected, the damage could range from loss of contact information to the crashing of your phone. Some viruses are even capable of spreading to the cell phones of the people on your contact list via MMS message—and charging you each time it is sent! Some experts worry that there might one day be a virus created that allows third parties to tap your phone, record the numbers you dial, listen to your conversations, and steal financial information.

Though cell phone viruses are not currently a high-risk threat, that does not mean you should be nonchalant about the possibility that you might contract one. As people become more and more dependant on the convenience of modern technology, there will always be those who will exploit flaws or find ways to make technology work in their advantage and against you.



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Every threat to your mobile devices we list on this site Umu Scan is equipt to deal with.

Our site is set for you to navigate either by phone brand and modle or by virus threat name. We hope you find us to be a valuable resource.


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